Accreditation Procedures


Accreditation Procedures :

A prospective organization seeking accreditation should make the following preliminary considerations before formally applying :

  • Determine the desirability of membership through discussion with the entire school community: principal, faculty, parents, governing authority, etc
  • Review the standards, guidelines and expectations of the Association. Consider the implications for the school and make note of and plans to address any serious deficiencies the school may have in regards to standards
  • Contact the AISN office for help or further information.

Once the agency formally submits the letter of intent, completes the AISN application, it then achieves "applicant status." Applicant status expires one year following receipt of the above materials. AISN reviews the preliminary application information and, upon preliminary approval, provides the necessary accreditation materials to begin the Self Study.

The accreditation process is outlined in a clearly established set of steps :

  • Letter to AISN office requesting application information
  • Submission of initial application and self-study
  • Visit by Site Team to your organization
  • Site Team report submitted to AISN Commission
  • Official determination by AISN Commission regarding agency accreditation