Our Benefits

Benefits of AISN :

  • Accreditation provides recognized credibility for schools in the eyes of the public.
  • Accreditation provides outside validation that a school has met certain basic standards, is actively seeking a quality education program, and is committed to ongoing improvement.
  • Accreditation assures the public that the school program and organization will periodically undergo an intensive self-evaluation by the school community and a review by educators who are not affiliated with the school.

  • Accreditation makes a public statement that the organization is committed to quality education, is willing to be measured against standards, and is willing to engage in strategic improvement activities.
  • Accreditation provides the organization with an objective outside viewpoint which may be necessary in addressing long-standing issues and concerns.
  • Accreditation facilitates an intensive self-evaluation process with improvement in staff communication and cohesiveness.
  • Accreditation provides an opportunity to highlight the many excellent accomplishments of the organization and its students.

Empowering Children with special needs & their families to live a quality, productive & fulfilling life to attain their maximum potential in society.

Our objectives are to identify children at risk from the time of pregnancy and begin a process of intervention. The aim is to screen, assess and start intervention in children who are diagnosed to be "at risk" of achieving their mile stones, and also for children who have been diagnosed to be developmentally delayed. Intervention is done either in groups or individually. Physic therapy, Sensory integration, Speech, Development of cognition is the main features of early intervention unit. After the professional assessment of each child is conducted, individual targets & goals are set, and frequent reassessments to check progress of each child is done.

We aspire to evolve and adapt special methods and techniques to enable special needs children to integrate smoothly into society. We believe that every child had a familiar, yet very unique, developmental path which necessitates programs that are customized to meet the needs of each individual and their family.